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Diamond ATM Kiosks, ATM Enclosures & ATM Surrounds

ACE Machine and Metal Fabrication, Co., Inc. has been designing and  manufacturing since 1969. Our Diamond ATM Kiosks, ATM Surrounds, and ATM Enclosures product line has the expertise and resources behind it to design and manufacture an ATM kiosk that is right for you!

Our facilities include an in-house engineering and design team as well as a full manufacturing facility. Our ATM Kiosks, ATM Surrounds, and ATM Enclosures are powder coated at our state of the art facility.

Our engineers have many years of experience in the ATM industry working with ISO’s as well as financial institutions. This ensures accurate and up to date consultations, smooth installations, and that your ATM Kiosk, ATM Surround, and ATM Enclosure deployments will meet or exceed all your expectations!

Unlike most other ATM Kiosk, ATM Surround, and ATM Enclosure manufacturers, we do not compete with our distributors in the ATM market. We do not sell ATM’s—only ATM Kiosks, ATM Surrounds, and ATM Enclosures.

Our innovative designs have allowed us to manufacture the highest quality ATM Kiosks, ATM Surrounds, and ATM Enclosures for the best price, hands down!


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